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Just as every tea has it's own unique flavors, every grower has their own unique story. We make it easy for you to learn about the person who grew your tea and what makes it special.

Grower List

Second Alarm Farm

Jim Chestnut and Edna Arakawa grow tea along with coffee, orchids, and macademia nuts at Second Alarm Farm. Their tea is completely handcrafted in small batches.
Region: Pahoa, The Big Island, Hawaii

Satemwa Tea Estate

Satemwa Tea Estate is a small, third generation, family owned farm in Malawi. Established in 1923, Satemwa has been making artisanal tea that is unique and ensures a better standard of living for the community.
Region: Thyolo, Malawi, Africa

The Li Family

Farmer Li and his family craft puerh from old tea trees that have been growing undisturbed on Nannuo Mountain for generations.
Region: Nannuo Mountain, Yunnan, China

The Huang Family

Feng-Yao, Huang and his family have a tea and pear tree farm located over 1800 meters in QiLai Mountain.
Region: Qilai, Hualien, Taiwan

Kanoka Tea Estate

Small scale tea farm in middle Assam with organic practices since the very beginning rather than converting them from chemical cultivation at a later stage.
Region: Sonitpur, Assam, India

Wuyishan Rock Tea Village

Located in the famous tea-producing Wuyi Mountains region, the Chen Family works together to produce top-quality teas from their mineral-rich groves of tea trees.
Region: Wuyi, Fujian, China

Hariyali Cooperative

Led by Purna Mukhiya, Hariyali Cooperative is an independent grower seeking to make a name for Nepal on the international tea stage.
Region: Jasbirey, Ilam, Nepal


Located in Nepal on the border of Darjeeling, the village of Chabbesey is a modest place of nature and diversity, ideal for high-quality tea.
Region: Chabbesey, Nepal


Tecchan is a 5th geneneration tea-maker in Wazuka Village. He works alongside his father to continue the family legacy.
Region: Wazuka Village, Kyoto, Japan

Manla Village

Mr. Nianlei Liu is a farmer and puerh tea-maker in Manla Village - his first tea garden was started by his grandfather over 100 years ago.
Region: Mt. Ailao, Yunnan, China

Teenjure Cooperative

One of Nepal's first tea cooperatives, Teenjure Cooperative is helping to pioneer new systems to help Nepal grow into a leader in specialty tea.
Region: Phakphok, Nepal

The Kurihara Family

The Kurihara Family, from the small village of Yabe in Yame, Japan, has won championships for their superior tea craftsmanship.
Region: Yabe Village, Yame, Japan

Kuanhong Village

Mr. Fan Hongwei is a farmer and puerh tea-maker in Kuanhong Village. He wants to share Mt. Kunlu tea with tea lovers outside China.
Region: Mt. Kunlu, Yunnan China

Yanki Tea

The Darjeeling Small Growers Society is committed to helping farmers improve their lives, socially and economically. They collaborate for the sake of quality tea.
Region: Darjeeling, India

Pathivara Tea Estate

Pathivara is located in a very remote area of Eastern Nepal. The pristine environment and 2000m elevation results in excellent tea.
Region: Panchthar, Nepal

Neelamalai Organics

Neelamalai Organics is a family farm located at 2,000m elevation in the Nilgiri Mountains, using Indian agricultural techniques for sustainable farming.
Region: Nilgiris, India


[Pending] JusTea is creating a partnership between Kenyan tea farmers and tea drinkers around the world through hand-crafted tea.
Region: Kisumu, Kenya

Amba Estate

Led by Beverly Wainwright, Amba Estate creates artisanal, hand-made teas at an unprecedented level of quality and ethics for Sri Lankan tea.
Region: Ambadandegama, Sri Lanka

Heritage Tea Assam

Rajen Baruah came out of retirement to create Heritage Tea, empowering small tea farmers to make high-end Indian teas at a new level quality.
Region: Dibrugarh, India

Hattori Farm

Tea farmer Yoshiaki Hattori is quite unusual, even among small growers; his specialty is matcha, which is unheard of for a small farm.
Region: Kikugawa, Shizuoka, Japan

Lehuapele Tea Garden

Lehuapele Tea Garden is located in an ideal hidden spot on the Big Island of Hawaii, near Volcano. The soil is plentiful ...
Region: Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii

Volcano Winery

Volcano Winery has been growing grapes and creating unique wine and fruit blends on the southern slope of Mauna Loa Volca...
Region: Mauna Loa Volcano, USA


This family of female teamasters traces their heritage back to 1850. Their philosophy is to craft teas according to nature and their individual spirit.
Region: Yilan County, Taiwan

Goe Tea

Alfredo Lin comes from a long line of oolong tea growers, and started his own gardens to apply his personal techniques and tea style.
Region: Nantou, Taiwan


Teaneer's Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm is a biodynamic ancestral farm maintained by brothers Suresh and Prabhu Nanjan. Their aim is to provide teas as good as nature can provide.
Region: Nilgiris, India

Hawaii Rainforest Tea

Bob Jacobson grows his tea in a small, 1/4 acre tea garden located in the rainforests of Hawaii, and crafts beautiful white teas.
Region: Kurtistown, HI

Onomea Tea Company

In Hawaii it is common to use the Hawaiian word “ONO” to mean good, delicious, or flavorful. “MEA” refers to a place or t...
Region: Onomea Bay, Big Island Hawaii


Grower: The Kinezuka Family (NaturaliTea)

Teamaker: The Kinezuka Family

Location: Nakayama V...

Region: Shizuoka, Japan

Forbidden Fruit

Artisan and organic high-CBD, patented industrial hemp farm in Northern Nevada
Region: Humboldt County, Nevada, USA


Osamu began his journey as a tea grower as a part time worker for Akky-san as he developed Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations. T...
Region: Kyoto, Japan

Chayuan Village

Chayuan is a quiet and isolated village in the mountains of Wenxian, Gansu, China. This tea growing region was discovered...
Region: Gansu, China

Mountain Tea

Mountain Tea is a family-owned company that originated as a small tea shop in Taiwan, and now includes high-mountain farms in Indonesia, Taiwan, and China.
Region: Nantou, Taiwan

Maipokhari Tea Factory

Grower: Maipokhari Tea Factory

Teamaker: Mankumar Mukhiya

Location: Jasbirey Village - Ilam ...

Region: Maipokhari, Ilam, Nepal

Obubu Tea Plantations

Grower: Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

Location: Wazuka Town - Kyoto Prefecture, Japan


Region: Kyoto, Japan

PT Harendong Green Farms

Founded by Dr. Alex Halim to advance sustainable farming, PT Harendong Green Farms are an organic farm in the beautiful mountains of Indonesia, near Halimun-Salak National Park.
Region: Banten, Indonesia

Meijiawu Village

Grower: Meijiawu Village (The Zhu Family)

Tea Maker: The Zhu Family

Location: Meijiawu Vill...

Region: West Lake, Zhejiang, China

Longwu Village

Farmer Ge is the third generation in his family to grow tea. The family has been growing tea as a way of life for 100 yea...
Region: West Lake, Zhejiang, China

Barbote Tea

Barbote Tea of Ilam, Nepal Narendra Gurung is new to the tea growing game, having taken over his father's tea garden w...
Region: Barbote, Ilam, Nepal
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