Amba Estate - First Worker Bonuses in Sri Lanka


April 1, 2014

Dear Friends in Tea,

I wanted to write and thank you for your support of Amba Estate and I thought that you would be happy to know that from 1st April, the sponsors of Amba have pledged to set aside 10% of all REVENUES (from the farm, factory and guest-house) as a bonus to be shared among all the staff. This bonus is over and above their usual wages, allowances, and overtime.  We have been making a small operating profit for the last 6 months, and with the diversification of the business into coffee, jam and now the guest house, the time seems right to do what has been one of our long term goals.

Most hotels and guesthouses take 10% of revenues and allocate it as a bonus for their workers.  We have been doing the same with our guest-house revenues, and we have now decided to extend the model to cover all our revenues - from sales of tea, coffee, jam etc.  This way, the whole team gets to share in the success of Amba, and everyone can see how their own hard work increases their own income.

9% of revenues will get split between all the management and staff (based on their attendance)
1% will go into a welfare fund - to be used to cover medical expenses, funerals, weddings and other needs, which the workers themselves will decide.

The bonus will be paid every month, 40 days after the end of the month, to allow for receipt of payments from our customers.

As far as I know, we are the only tea estate to be operating such a system.


With thanks and best wishes,
Beverly and the whole Amba Team

Beverly-Claire Wainwright
Tea Maker and Business Development Manager
Amba Estate, Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

Beverly and the Amba Estate team