Aloha ITFA Family,

     I began my journey as a Global Tea Ambassador in 2011 when I become a volunteer for the International Tea Farms Alliance, a non-proifit,  at the World Tea Expo. You may have first met me dressed up as a Japanese Tea Girl! 

     Since WTE 2011 I then did an internship at Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations from January to April 2012. My key responsibilities of my internship were to get activities for ITFA off the ground, in particular, the Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival in March 2012. My duties included arranging visas, accomodations, and itinerary for eight tea growers from five different countries. The challenge introduced me to the beauty of tea from various regions and the power there is to increase the market for each farmer by copromoting every growing region rather than just one.

     I have dedicated my life since returning to Hawaii after my internship in Japan to extending ITFA's mission through a US-based for-profit initiative called Tealet. Since launching we have successful spread this mission to tens of thousands of new tea lovers and hundreds of independent tea growers around the world.

     Now that Tealet serves as the for-profit to ITFA we have decided that Tealet would sponsor projects that help the ITFA grower member's improve their quality and marketing. This is a mutually beneficial relationship that we believe is the sustainability of our business model. What Tealet supports is the creation of media and events that allows for ITFA growers to interact and learn. Tea growers in India can learn about quality tea production and growers in Taiwan can learn about "no chemical" cultivation. 

     Another responsibility I had during my time as an intern for ITFA was putting together the Global Tea Taster (GTT) subscription service for tea lovers. Tea growers provide seasonal tea samples of their farm-direct teas with the story behind the tea. Tealet took responsibility of GTT in August 2012. We are now delivering farm-direct tea and their stories to the doors of tea lovers in 30 different countries! See below for ITFA-only discounts for the subscription.


Elyse Petersen

Founder/CEO, Tealet

ITFA-only GTT Discount - 30% OFF 

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Each Shipment Includes

  • 60 grams of Loose-Leaf Tea

    You’ll enjoy 60 grams of a variety of teas direct from the grower. This two month supply is enough to make 120 cups of tea, so please share with your friends and coworkers.

  • Personalized Stories of Each Grower

    Connect with each grower and learn more about their community and tea cultivation history.

  • Interactive Pouring and Tasting Knowledge

    We provide online videos and content for each tea so that you can further your personal exploration into tea culture.

Global Tea Taster