Farm-Direct Tea for Litecoin

Did you know tea growers only see 15% margins on tea they sell through the current global distribution system? Our mission is to cut out the middlemen so you can connect with the producer.

Now you can help us cut out the financial middleman by buying farm-direct tea with Litecoin!

Help tea growers get their fair share, connect to the source. Help us cut out financial inefficiencies, use Litecoin.

We are now accepting Litecoin for payment on all our products, including the Global Tea Taster subscription.

Litecoin Tea Box - 30% OFF + Receive Free Litecoin Keychain

Be one of our first to purchase a Litecoin Tea Box and receive a free Litecoin keychain! When you purchase our tea you are not only helping support tea growers and our business, you are supporting the foundation of the cryptocurrency you love so much. A portion of all sales in Litecoin will be donated to the Litecoin Development Project.

To complete Litecoin payment proceed through your shopping cart and click "Review Purchase" to see "Pay with Litecoin" payment option.


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Each Box Includes:

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