Statistics for CTCF Cooperative

200 members - all small tea farms/growers
51 hectares of tea among members in the community
15 hectares of tea on-site at the cooperative
3-year-old factory on-site, still under construction
Cooperative provides savings and credit
12% interest on savings
18% interest on credit
Cooperative collected and executes a children's fund
The cooperative pays the farmers for the raw leaves that they harvest.
2 leaves, 1 bud plucking standard raw leaves = RS 60/kg. A worker can harvest 5kg/day.
1 leaf, 1 bud plucking standard = RS 300/kg. A worker can harvest 2kg/day.
22,000 kg/yr raw leaves harvested.
4,000 kg/yr finished tea.
Finished tea sells for Rs. 600/kg in local market