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With the groundbreaking of tea gardens in Mississippi and Alabama and the development of gardens in New York and other states, the hype of US Grown Tea has never been hotter. Nigel Melican has recently said that with TLC tea can be grown in every state in the US, here are a few tips he recently shared about how to care for tea. Elyse recently embarked on a cross-country trek to document the story of Camellia sinensis in the US and help with the launch of Mississippi Grown Tea. This journey took her to Atlanta for World Tea East where the inaugural meeting of the US League of Tea Growers had a conversation of collaboration and knowledge exchange between tea growers with experience and those new to the game. After the meeting FiLoLi Tea Farms founder Jason McDonald and Teacraft's Nigel Melican invited Elyse to see North America's largest Camellia nursery in Greensboro, NC, Cam Too. This nursery has started to propagate tea plant material in response to the increased demand for US Grown Tea. In addition, the team traveled to Chapel Hill, NC to visit Christine Parks at Camellia Forest where tea plants have been shipped to tea lovers wanting to test their green thumb around the country.  Both of these experiences show that tea can grow in many states across the US.

After returning to Filoli Farms in Brookhaven, MS Elyse took off on another journey to visit with tea people and deliver tea plants for the purpose of educating people about the origin of tea. Her drive took her to tea meetings in Shreveport, LA, Dallas, TX, Albuquerque, NM, Tucson, AR, and Las Vegas, NV. Plants were dropped off at The New Mexico Tea Company, Seven Cups Tea, and Joy's Teaspoon.

The #teaacrossamerica journey was such a success that Jason from FiLoLi Tea Farms has decided to expand the campaign in an attempt to put a tea plant in every state in America. Camellia sinensis may not be ideal in every climate of the country, but the purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness to US grown tea. Volunteer hosts have been selected for every state and now tea plants are being shipped to every state in the country.

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