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Greetings and welcome to The Jasmine Dragon's home on the web; my name is Omar Riverstone.

The Jasmine Dragon is a mobile tea lounge created to serve as a community tea temple space. A sanctuary of love, light and fellowship where the cares of the world loosen and our hearts can safely open. Cup after abundant cup is lovingly prepared and poured as an affirmation of universal flow and ease. A subtle reminder that abundance is our natural state of being; our birthright.

Through the inspiration and contribution of many great tea servers, artists and craftsman; the Jasmine Dragon was constructed largely of free-cycled materials over a period of 5 months. The truck itself, originally custom built for the military as a mail delivery vehicle, was bought by my wife and I when we operated a cloth diaper service in our hometown of Olympia WA. After its diaper service days were complete it later became a maintenance truck before becoming the tea lounge.


Temple Back view

In August of 2013 it made its festival debut at the Beloved arts & music festival in Tidewater Oregon under the incredibly generous tea sponsorship of Tealet.

Tealet is a company unlike any I've seen. For hundreds of years the tea business has been mainly a "closed source" industry. Meaning tea companies guarded the exact source of their tea fiercely. And in an era of fear and scarcity that model made sense to some degree. That model however is falling apart as our paradigm is shifting towards the reality and acknowledgement of our natural abundance, love and interconnectedness. Tealet is one of the only truly "open source" tea companies in that they WANT you to know who grows the tea, where it's grown and the story of the families that grow it. Tealet works directly with farmers all over the world to bring us some of the most amazing had crafted teas I've ever tasted.

If you have sat for tea with me at Beloved or at other events or festivals you'll know they have amazing tea! One of the most fun offerings they have is a tea subscription. Purchased either for yourself or another you get the delight of having a variety of delicious teas delivered directly to your door each month.


Pouring Tea Pic

If you aren't accustomed to buying quality loose leaf tea, the price may seem a little steep to some. However, cup for cup, tea is vastly less expensive than espresso, sodas, "energy drinks" and even some bottled water. Tea is an incredible gift that gently brings us into the present moment and literally warms us from the inside out. Like the flowers of the fields tea has an infinite variety of flavor, colors, aromas and feeling.

I feel incredibly blessed and honored to be associated with Tealet and with full integrity I wholeheartedly invite you to try one of theirs many offerings.

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In Love and Gratitude,

Omar Riverstone

Two Month

Price: $49.95 per shipment

No committment, good teas.

1 shipment

Recurring, Cancel Anytime

Each Shipment Includes

  • 60 grams of Loose-Leaf Tea

    You’ll enjoy 60 grams of a variety of teas direct from the grower. This two month supply is enough to make 120 cups of tea, so please share with your friends and coworkers.

  • Personalized Stories of Each Grower

    Connect with each grower and learn more about their community and tea cultivation history.

  • Interactive Pouring and Tasting Knowledge

    We provide online videos and content for each tea so that you can further your personal exploration into tea culture.

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