Hawaii Rainforest Tea


Bob Jacobson grows his tea in one of the more pure and healthy places in the world. His tea is all grown under the virgin native forest canopy of ohia and kopiko trees. Orchids and ferns grow throughout my fields. His Rainforest White tea promotes health and wellness as well as clarity of thinking.

He grows only four varietals of Camellia sinensis and assamica for production. These include bohea, benikaori, yutakamidori and yabukita. All growing, harvesting,processing, packaging and marketing is done at his farm where he resides.

He now has organic certification, and has cleared the exotic species from the native rainforest by hand. He planted his farm in the previously unused soil using organic fertilizers and soil amendments. He uses only organic fertilizers.

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Hawaii Rainforest Tea

Region: Kurtistown, HI

Spring White

Retail: $25.00 for 15 grams