Neelamali Organics


Grower: Murali Subramanian of Neelamali Organics

Location: Nilgiris, India

Signature Tea: Nilgiris Black

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In the words of the farmers:

  • Our farm is located in a high mountain region (2093 meters/6868 feet)
  • Our tea is a single estate tea
  • Our tea is 100% organic
  • Leaves are hand picked, withered immediately and processed quickly to produce freshest possible tea.
  • We have over 600 Cypress teas located within farm providing abundant cover for the tea plants that results in unique tea flavor.

Yes, our teas are 100% organic.

The farm is located in the Western Ghats of India (one of the top bio diversity spots in the world). With the volcanic soil and abundant monsoon rains, it is a natural place to grow tea. We keep it sustainable and organic. We use an Indian agricultural practice called "Panchakavya" (made from 5 cow products) to apply nutrition and keep the tea plants healthy.

Tea is a wonder drink that has this dual qualities of keeping you alert and calm at the same time. Reap the full health benefits by choosing tea that are naturally/organically grown by small gardens.

Meet the Grower

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Neelamali Organics

Region: Nilgiris, India