Neelamalai Organics


Grower: Murali Subramanian

Farm: Neelamalai Organics

Location: Nilgiris Mountains - Tamil Nadu, India

Elevation: 2,000m (6,800ft)

Cultivation: All-natural (Organic with no certification)

Signature Teas: Neelamalai Green

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The Region

Neelamalai Organics is located in the Nilgiri Mountains, part of the Nilgiris District which is South India's most famous tea-producing area. The mountains themselves are part of a larger range called the Western Ghats, which is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. The high elevation, abundant monsoon rains, and rich volcanic soils are ideal for growing tea. Nilgiri tea is known for being smooth, mild, and aromatic.

Much of the tea in the Nilgiris District is produced in larger scales than at Neelamalai, similar to other regions in India. However, small growers are beginning to take tea-making into their own hands to produce their own quality tea leaves, and to become more independent from the tea factories.

The Grower

Neelamalai Organics is a small, family-run farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture. The farm uses Indian agricultural techniques to keep things natural, particularly the Ayurvedic plant medicine, Panchagavya. The mixture is made from products from their own cows to create a natural fertilizer for the tea plants, which also wards off pests and disease.

The tea gardens are shaded by over 600 cypress trees, providing gentle cover from the sun. Different regions in India use different shade trees, reflecting the different cultures, ecological regions, and terroirs of the country.

At the farm, each batch of tea is harvested by hand, immediately withered, and then processed in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. They are experimenting with various forms of processing to make green teas, oolong teas, and black teas. The family has spent the last 5 years to prepare the garden to produce tea. Murali Subramanian is based in Nilgiris and leads the farm and its workers, while his brother Ramakrishnan "Ramki" is based in the United States and makes yearly trips to help with the farm.

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Meet the Grower

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Neelamalai Organics

Region: Nilgiris, India