PT Harendong Green Farms


Grower: Dr. Alexander Halim of PT Harendong Green Farms

Teamaker: PT Harendong Green Farms

Location: Banten, Indonesia

Elevation: 900m (2,900ft)

Cultivation: Certified Organic

Signature Tea: Banten Honey Oolong

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PT Harendong was started by Dr. Alexander Halim as part of his personal vision, to use "green", sustainable farming to promote a better quality of life for the world. He has made it his commitment to build and maintain this sustainable tea farm, and provide healthy organic products to his customers. This is all while protecting the environment, and leaving behind a positive impact on the world.

Alex's business philosophy has extended to his community as he has inspired other farmers to value sustainability and to help protect their beautiful natural environment.

PT Harendong Green Farms is located on Halimun Mountain, near Halimun-Salak National Park, a protected national area with incredible biodiversity. The climate is lush, tropical, and very humid, with abundant rainfall and rich volcanic soils. The gardens are located at 800m-900m elevation.

Alex credits his great tasting tea to his finely tuned skill of processing tea and the natural resources of the surroundings, like the clean mountain water.

PT Harendong's team uses all-natural methods to grow their teas, and they are are certified organic by IMO International according to EU, USDA/NOP, JAS and COR standards.

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PT Harendong Green Farms

Region: Banten, Indonesia

Banten Honey Oolong

Inventory: 15.00 units