Master Green Tea Collection


  • Includes (12) Tins and Collectible Tea Farmer Cards. Enough for 60 Servings @ 3g/6oz Cup x 3+ Steeps

  • Sample a Collection of Green Teas from India, China, and Japan

  • Teaneer Aristrocrat Green Tea, Doke Diamond Green Tea, Longwu Dragonwell Green Tea, Meijiawu Dragonwell Green Tea, Genmaicha Green Tea, Houjicha Roasted Green Tea, Tecchan Sencha, Midori Sencha Green Tea, Sencha of the Spring Sun Green Tea, Sencha of the Earth Green Tea, Sencha of the Wind Green Tea, Yame Shincha 1st Grade

  • Sourced from Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm in Nilgiris India, Doke Tea in Bihar India, Longwu Village and Meijiawu West Lake China, Obubu Tea in Kyoto Japan, NaturaliTea in Shizuoka Japan, Kurihara Tea in Yame Japan, Tecchan Tea in Kyoto Japan


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This chart illustrates tasting notes most identified and their respective intensities (referring to Tea Cupping Standards by World of Tea).

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