Teaneer Black


Tea: Teaneer Black

Grower: Teaneer (Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm); The Nanjan Family

Tea Maker: Prabhu Nanjan

Location: Pororai Village - Nilgiris District, India

Elevation: 2,200m (7,200ft)

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification), Biodynamic

Harvest Date: Autumn/Winter 2014

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Harvested as part of Nilgiri's autumn flush, this tea exemplifies the smooth, clean character of tea from the Nilgiri Mountains. Crisp, sweet with citrus and grape notes, with a rustic wood and wet stone undertone. The leaf pluck is pristine - a full two leaves and a bud, picked with attention to minimizing breakage.

Teaneer's efforts are geared towards biodiverse tea growing. The plants are allowed to grow in their natural state, and thrive alongside other native plants in the family garden. The leaves are then picked and processed by hand by teacrafter Prabhu Nanjan.

The Nanjan Family lives in Pororai Village, and their farm is called Vijayalakshmi Natural Farm. They grow using biodynamics, a form of agriculture based on both modern scientific findings and ancient Indian practices. Different days are dedicated to different practices based on the phases of the moon, which are said to affect factors like water retention in the leaves and plant respiration. There are also various natural medicines, sourced from native plants, that are used to help the plants flourish and keep in harmony with their environment.

Because of their meticulous practices, the family's teas are clean, delicate, and unique.

How To Brew

Use 3 grams (around 2 teaspoon) of dry leaf for 8 oz/240mL of water.

Use filtered or spring water, and boil the water. Steep the leaves at 185F/85C.

Steep for 2 minutes. Leaves can be infused at least 3 times.

While these instructions are good to start with, we encourage you to experiment with the tea and develop your own brewing methods. Brew the tea as you like it!


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Teaneer Black

Grower: Teaneer
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Region: Nilgiris, India