Avigael's Green Tea


Tea: Avigael's Green Tea

Grower: Jim Chestnut & Edna Arakawa, Second Alarm Farm

Tea Maker: Jim Chestnut & Edna Arakawa

Location: Volcano Village, Puna District, The Big Island - Hawaii, United States

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Cultivar: Bohea, Yabukita, Unidentified Cultivar

Harvest Date: Autumn 2015

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The Tea

The tea is named for Jim and Edna's granddaughter, Avigael. Harvested entirely by hand in Autumn 2015, Avigael's Green Tea is made of pristine, beautiful leaves. The result is a sweet, smooth cup with a fresh, subtle profile.

The liquor is fine and smooth, with a clean dryness. The flavor is nutty, reminiscent of Dragonwell, with a fresh vegetal sweetness and mineral undertones. Hints of milk chocolate in the aroma. Flavor returns with a sugarcane aftertaste.

The Grower

Second Alarm Farm is a small, 3-acre farm owned by Jim Chestnut and Edna Arakawa. On the farm, they grow tea along with coffee, beautiful orchids, and macademia nuts. They harvest and craft their tea completely by hand, and use natural material from the rainforest as compost for their plants. Each handcrafted batch is tiny, just a few pounds or less per harvest.


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Second Alarm Farm

Region: Pahoa, The Big Island, Hawaii