RIP van Wafel Tea Box


Take a break to appreciate the tastes, flavors, and textures of single-origin tea and Rip van Wafels. This box contains three different teas paired with three wafels. Each tea includes a Flavor Star which visualizes the top identified flavor notes in our professional tea tasting evaluations. The purpose of these pairings is to enjoy a wafel that complements the tea by creating a balanced flavor and rounded palate.

Tea: Doke Diamond Green / Wafel: Cocoa-filled

The light bitterness of the chocolate filling of the wafel cuts down the sweet vegetal notes of the tea. It becomes a sweetness that covers the whole palate. This pairing may remind you of the classic flavor combination of cherry and chocolate. The palate is rounded out with notes of citrus zest from the Bihar, India grown green tea.

Tea: Doke Rolling Thunder Oolong/Wafel: Caramel

The center of attention for this pairing is the robust flavors of the tea. The caramel wafel complements the flavors by toning down the deep fruit taste, almost dried, spiced, raisin flavor of the muscatel notes of the tea. Hints of nutmeg and jasmine and rose floral notes of the oolong are a perfect combination for the delicate sweetness of the caramel wafel.

Tea: Sencha of the Wind / Wafel: Caramel

Japanese tea practitioners have long been pairing sencha with sweets, or as they are called in Japan, wagashi. The powerful fresh grassiness of the green tea goes well with the subtle sweet flavors of the wafel. Typically Japanese tea sweets are made from plant ingredients that do not have overpowering flavors that overtake the umami, or distinct savory taste of the sencha. Notes of roasted nuts and earthy moss of the tea are complemented with the vanilla notes of the wafel.


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This chart illustrates tasting notes most identified and their respective intensities (referring to Tea Cupping Standards by World of Tea).

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