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Dragon Well

Dragon Well, a classic green tea of China is an essential for any tea collection. We are connected with a network of growers that have a wide range of grades to offer to you.

Highly Oxidized Indonesian Oolong

Indonesia is quickly becoming a beacon for high quality tea, especially highly oxidized teas. These teas are sure to please any palate.

Medium Roast Dong Ding

Notes of caramel, sweet roasted barley, and brown sugar. It's a great tea to introduce to new explorers of Taiwanese oolongs.

Sheng Puer

There are very few farm-direct puers in the market, so this is a special treat. These farm-direct puer cakes are ready to enjoy or to ferment for future enjoyment.

Kabuse Sencha

This high grade member of the sencha family is recognized by its strong sweet and umami notes. These notes exist due to great attention Japanese growers put into the tea plant's cultivation; shading the plants for week before harvest to stress their condition.

Japanese Black Tea

Japan is not known for its black tea production, but more and more growers are experimenting with new tea processes. These black teas have beautiful floral notes but possess the earthy, green freshness that is common with Japanese teas.


The roasted brown rice will remind you of the rich and sweet flavor of popcorn. This brings a nuttiness to the sweet and bitter of the sencha.


Houjicha is a Japanese roasted green tea that has rich, sweet flavors that cannot be found in any other Japanese green tea.

Yellow Bud Yellow Tea

The yellowing process brings about some complex and subtle changes, softening the grassy and bitter taste that some green teas have, creating a mellow aromatic cup of yellow tea.

Organic Indonesian Black Tea

Robust and rich flavor that shows the difference between Red Tea and English-style Black Tea. It has a rich flavor with a refreshing sweetness.

Qimen Black Tea

This tea has a slight sweet taste with a bright red color. It is a classic Chinese black tea and essential for any tea lover's collection

Organic Sweet Roast Hawaii Grown

This smoky tea is organically grown on the slopes of the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. It's a price effective way to share the unique taste of Hawaii.

LiShan Spring (Lightly Oxidized Taiwan Oolong)

Unmatched natural sweetness and unparalleled richness of flavor and fresh aroma. A delight for tea lovers new and old.

Organic Indonesian Oolong Tea

The tea has a sharp floral flavor with a smooth finish. Experience the full depth of this tea over multiple infusions.


This tea has a deep woodsy flavor that can only be found in the roasted green Autumn teas of Kyoto, Japan. This tea is naturally lower in caffeine.

Dark Roast Tieguanyin

A full, rich brew that delivers a full roasted infusion with solid notes of cinnamon and amber. A classic for any Taiwanese oolong set.

Hawaii Grown Roasted Black

This tea has a delicious coco aroma and taste, with faint notes of dried tropical fruit and a clean, smooth finish. An amazing introduction to Hawaii grown tea.

Indian Oolong

India is not well known for its Oolong, but many growers and processors have started to think outside of the box. Please indicate if your are interested in buying Oolong from India by adding this tea your Tea Chest.

Japanese Sencha

This Japanese classic steamed green tea is a balance of sweet and bitter. Grades vary greatly so be sure to indicate your target budget so we can find the right Sencha for you!