Our Mission

Create a Bridge between Tea Growers and Tea Consumers

Our mission is to connect tea buyers directly with small family farms around the world. Through Tealet, tea lovers can learn more about the people behind their teas, and access quality teas from around the world. Tea growers can become empowered to take their specialty tea craft to the next level of quality and consciousness. Learn about specialty tea.

Consicious tea consumers are becoming increasingly interested in specialty tea, as opposed to commodity tea. Learn about commodity tea.

Our Goal

Be a transparent platform for the tea industry

Tealet is a place of connecting and sharing information for a more transparent global tea trade that:

In turn tea lovers get to experience better quality tea and provide a sustainable future for tea. Tea is our lifeblood.

Our Value

A network for Direct Trade Tea

We have built a sustainable network of high quality tea buyers that have made a significant impact on the livelihoods and future of tea growers. 
Case Study: Heritage Tea Assam
In India, Heritage Tea Assam is a network of local farms and artisans led by Rajen Baruah. In the first two years of working with Tealet, Heritage has earned $1,200 additional profits, 9 times more profit for their tea than the traditional sales channels that are available locally. Tealet has also worked with Heritage to better understand the international tea market and develop quality teas suited for specialty buyers.


Why Direct Trade

Certifications such as fairtrade have strong brands of trust among consumers. A lack of transparency in tea production and the demand for low price has turned these certifications into marketing tools only accessible by corporate agriculture. Direct Trade is an alternative to these certifications.
Direct Trade has been practiced in the specialty coffee industry for years and indicates a method of sourcing where there is contact between the producer and the buyer. When a tea is sold on the Tealet platform it is sold at the price the grower asks and the buyer agrees upon. Buyers on the Tealet network are encouraged to develop relationships with the growers and visit their farms to learn more about their tea cultivation and processing. 
When the consumer values tea and Direct Trade is possible there an economic opportunity for the struggling grower. This lesson has already been learned in the prosperous communities of family-owned puerh making tea farms of China. Read more.

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