Welcome to the Team Rie!

We are happy to welcome to our team Rie, Shamire Tulali. She is a Vegas-based undergraduate student with a passion for all things Camellia sinensis. She has one of the most sophisticated palates for tea that we have come across. Although her position with the company is not fully set we look forward to Rie becoming a big part of Tealet. Rie will be helping us maintain our relationships with the tea friends that we have connected with around the world. Some of you may already be friends with her on Instagram or Steepster (her IG photos are amazing, you should definitely follow her). We actually met Rie over Instagram!

Rie is one lucky tea lover, because she also has the responsibility of tasting all of the tea samples that come to Tealet. She has an accute palate with a strong ability to describe flavors and textures. You can see the first live tasting she participated with Jason Walker, she was a little nervous but we look forward to her doing more tastings, we believe that her reviews will help you appreciate our growers' teas better.