Barbote Tea


Barbote Tea of Ilam, Nepal

Narendra Gurung is new to the tea growing game, having taken over his father's tea garden which was planted by his grandfather. It is thought that the tea bushes in this garden are some of the earliest planted ones in Ilam as tea became a commercial crop for the area.

Gurung-ji is an experienced international development worker with a sensibility for sustainability. He plans on evolving the garden and community in a way that will create more opportunity and diversity to the land and economy.

Small tea growers and tea farm workers in the village and surrounding area are oppressed by the commodity tea production system that yields low or no payments to the people. Narendra is proud to return to the village of his father to uplift the people and continue the development work that he fell in love with in Africa and other developing parts of the world.

Gurung-ji is not alone in his effort. He has empowered several marginalized local people of Barbote Village to take ownership in their work in the gardens and in the factory to create an economic opportunity for everyone.

The land is pure and at an elevation of 1650 meters there is great potential of producing fine teas in the area. The hill top gardens enjoy consistent mist during the monsoon season.

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Barbote Tea

Region: Barbote, Ilam, Nepal