Maipokhari Tea Factory


Grower: Maipokhari Tea Factory

Teamaker: Mankumar Mukhiya

Location: Jasbirey Village - Ilam District, Nepal

Elevation: 2,100m (6,900ft)

Cultivation: All-natural (Organic with no certification)

Signature Tea: Amber Oolong

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The Region

Maipokahri is a small region in Ilam, Nepal with a population of less than 5,000 people. Tea has been introduced as a viable commodity crop across the mountainous region and with this factory as one of the central processing points for tea. It is a short hike from the more commonly known Jasbirey village and in close proximity of the nation's pride, Maipokhari lake. This mid-hill wetland has spiritual significance to the people Ilam.

The Grower

Mankumar Mukhiya and his team of young tea makers have been developing their oolong tea processing skill over the past 3 years. Their community is at a high elevation of over 2,000 meters and is inspired to produce delicate oolong teas similar to the Taiwanese high mountain oolong style. Leaf is harvested and sold to the factory of the local community which consists of a little over 4,000 people. Oolong tea processing equipment has been procured and over several seasons of experimentation the team has developed a mid-level oxidized oolong tea with an ideal plucking standard to yield a tightly-rolled oolong. Look out for much more exciting things to come from this team as they are paving a new path for tea processing in Nepal and introducing novel methods of showcasing their high elevation and pristine terroir

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Meet the Grower

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Maipokhari Tea Factory

Region: Maipokhari, Ilam, Nepal