Brown Oolong


Tea: Teenjure Brown Oolong

Grower: Biren Subba of Teenjure Tea State

Origin: Phakphok, in Ilam, Nepal

Harvest Date: April 29, 2014

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A darker, "brown" oolong with its own unique profile. Radish and floral notes with notes of dark chocolate and menthol. This tea is rolled and oxidized, making it an oolong, but the profile and the appearance are so unusual that the grower named it "brown tea".

Nepal is ideal for tea, with high altitudes and tea-making expertise from nearby China and India. Now it is trying to make a name for itself in the tea industry after being a little-known supplier to India, and its specialty teas are producing strange and complex profiles like these.

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Recommended Brewing Instructions: Use 2tsp (~5g) per 250ml cup.
Brew for 1 minute.

- 185F for a lighter, sweeter profile with a dark chocolate note.

- 195F for a fuller profile, with heavier vegetal and floral notes and a stronger cacao undertone.

This tea can be rebrewed up to 4 times, with hotter water and longer infusions.


FlavorVotesAvg Strength
Fruit::Dried Fruit::Raisin15.0
Vegetal::Root Vegetable::Radish15.0
Overall Score: 81.5 (1 review)
Top Leaf Aromas: (1x),
Top Liquor Flavors: Earthy::Wood::Camphor (1x), Fruit::Dried Fruit::Raisin (1x), Vegetal::Root Vegetable::Radish (1x),
This chart illustrates tasting notes most identified and their respective intensities (referring to Tea Cupping Standards by World of Tea).

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