Genmaicha is one of Japan's most well-known green tea outside sencha. Translated to Brown Rice Tea it is literally green tea, Yanagi Bancha, with 100% Japanese-grown sweet mocha rice. The roasted brown rice will remind you of the rich and sweet flavor of popcorn. This brings a nuttiness to the sweet and bitter of the sencha. This is a great introduction to the diverse world of Japanese green tea.

The sweetness and warmth of Genmaicha is best shared with loved ones on a chilly day. All palates can find something to love in this nutty tea.

How To Brew

Use 3 grams (1 tablespoon dried tea leaves) for 8 fl. oz. water in your favorite teapot or infuser (use bottled drinking water for best flavor, let boil and sit to cool slightly for 2-3 minutes). Steep for 2-3 minutes to bring out the full flavor of the tea. Leaves may be infused at least 3 times.

These are suggested brewing instructions. We encourage you to experiment and share your own brewing methods as you continue to grow in the tea culture. If you're new to tea this is a good way to start.


FlavorVotesAvg Strength
Vegetal::Grass::Fresh Cut Grass16.0
Overall Score: 78.5 (1 review)
Top Leaf Aromas: (1x),
Top Liquor Flavors: Marine::Seaweed (1x), Nutty (1x), Vegetal::Grass::Fresh Cut Grass (1x),
This chart illustrates tasting notes most identified and their respective intensities (referring to Tea Cupping Standards by World of Tea).

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